AOB Episode 11 – College Football Wk. 7, NFL Wk. 6 & How to Steal $1.2 Million in Fajitas

Today the show takes aim at the shifting hot seats in the SEC and the devastating loss the Tennessee Vols took from South Carolina. Also, the good boys delve into the inconsistency of the NFL and how one Texas man stole $1.2 in Fajitas!

AOB Episode 25 – Tennessee Men’s Basketball Recap, Bad Olympic Athletes, NBA Rule Changes, Dumb Criminals and North Korean Olympic Athletes Try to Avoid Prison

The Tennessee Men’s Basketball program continues to be up and down this season with a loss to an non-ranked, Georgia team and a big win against Florida at home. In addition, the good boys discuss Olympic athletes that probably shouldn’t be Olympic athletes, rule changes that should make the NBA a better product, dumb criminals and why North Koreans probably aren’t thrilled about participating in the Olympics this year.

AOB Episode 24 – Vols and Robert Gillespie Part Ways, UT Basketball Update, North Korean Olympic Madness, Sammy Sosa Cowboy & Emotional News Stories

Good boys Josh and Brett discuss Robert Gillespie and the University of Tennessee’s “mutual” decision to part ways. Also, updates are provided on the Tennessee Men’s basketball season, Kim Jong Un’s sister receiving odd amounts of praise from Olympic commentators and Sammy Sosa return to fame as a white cowboy. Finally, the good boys top it off with emotional news stories from this past week.

AOB Episode 23 – Superbowl Recap, National Signing Day, UT Vols Basketball Update & Very Emotional News Stories

The good boys discuss the Superbowl (Including Timberlake’s Deer Shirt & Tom Brady’s Mouth-kisses w/ his Son), where the Vols football team ends up after this national signing day, the chances of UT basketball going deep in the tournament and some very emotional news stories about Cap’n Crunch, Richard Pryor and “emotional support hamsters” being brutally murdered.

AOB Episode 22 – Super Bowl Breakdown, UT VOLS Baskteball, The Redskins Trade Cousins, Barney the Dinosaur Runs a Sex Business

Today’s show is jam packed with the rundown on the Super Bowl along with an analysis on Tom Brady’s hydration levels. Also, the good boys talk the latest in UT VOLS basketball, cuss the Redskins for trading Kirk Cousins, cuss the Cleveland Indians for getting rid of Chief Wahoo and end with Barney the Dinosaur’s latest career path as a Tantric Sex instructor!

AOB Episode 21 – 2018 Vols Football Recruitment w/ Guest Adam Canter, Vols Bball Recap, NFL Playoffs and Taco Bell Emotions

Brett and Josh bring on Knoxville, TN legend Adam Canter to dive deep into Vols Football Recruitment and the mystery of his gigantic hands.  In addition, the good boys recap the last week of Vols Basketball, the AFC / NFC Championship games and a VERY emotional string of events for Taco Bell.

AOB Episode 20 – Update on Tennessee Men’s Basketball and Round 2 of the NFL Playoffs

This week the good boys discuss University of Tennessee bball performances against Texas AM and Mizzou while getting rid of the baggage  with Cuonzo Martin’s and his weird history with Tennessee. Also, Brett and Josh break down the last round of the NFL playoffs and the devastation felt in Nashville after a tough loss to the Patriots.

AOB Episode 19 – 2017 College Football National Championship, Tennessee Basketball Strikes Back and NFL Playoffs Round 2 Predictions

This week the good boys give you several reasons why Nick Saban is the best coach ever and how Tennessee fans may have to deal with him for a few decades.  Brett and Josh also discuss how Tennessee Men’s basketball is taking steps in a positive direction and their picks for the upcoming round of the NFL Playoffs. #TitanUp

AOB Episode 18 – Insider Details on UT Coaching Search, UT Mens Basketball, NFL Wild Card Predictions, College Football Playoff Rd 1

It’s the start of 2018 for the AOB crew and we start off full steam in our exclusive insider details on the University of Tennessee Football coaching search. Brett and Josh also talk disappointment in the Tennessee Mens’ Basketball SEC start, NFL Wild Card Predictions and how Rodrigo Blankenship can see the edge of our solar system with his huge glasses in our discussion of the College Football Playoff.

AOB Episode 17 – NCAA Basketball (Vols vs. Tar Heels), NFL Playoff Picture & NCAA Football Playoff Predictions

The Tennessee Basketball Vols promise to be a solid match-up for the North Carolina Tar Heels this year and this game is one of the most anticipated in Thompson Boiling Arena history. Brett and Josh break provide the analysis on that  as well as the current NFL Playoff Picture and their initial predictions for the College Football Playoff.

AOB Episode 16 – The Tennessee Coaching Search (UT Fans vs. the World), Tennessee Baskteball

This week, the good boys set the record straight about what really went down during the University of Tennessee coaching search. Brett lays out the full timeline, and then drops proper perspective that you won’t get from main stream sports reports. Also, the Vols Basketball team is off to a great start this year, Brett and Josh give their take on the excitement surrounding the start of the season.