AOB Episode 12 – College Football Wk. 8, NFL Product is Poor, Steph Curry is Soft and a Public Service Announcement

This week, your good boys review the hot seat situation brewing in the SEC along with why Butch (AKA: Kim Jong / Lyleron Hubbard) Jones has yet to be fired and the implications of this decision. In addition, Brett and Josh discuss the drop in quality of the NFL product, Steph Curry being a pansy, game show / tv show host salaries (and what is wrong with Drew Carey?) and a recent Public Service Announcement.

AOB Episode 11 – College Football Wk. 7, NFL Wk. 6 & How to Steal $1.2 Million in Fajitas

Today the show takes aim at the shifting hot seats in the SEC and the devastating loss the Tennessee Vols took from South Carolina. Also, the good boys delve into the inconsistency of the NFL and how one Texas man stole $1.2 in Fajitas!

AOB Episode 10 – Butch “Buzz McCallister” Jones, College Football Wk. 6, NFL Wk. 5 & Meth or Donut Glaze?

This week the good boys discuss Butch Jones’ performance against the Bye week, the current situations brewing in the SEC after wk. 6 of College Football, injuries setting in on NFL season in wk. 5 and how to tell the difference between meth and donut glaze.

AOB Episode 9 – Butch Jones vs. the Bye, College Football wk. 5, NFL wk. 4

Can Butch Jones beat the Bye week with his incredible multi-tasking, flat-top powers?! Brett and Josh give you the answer as well as the latest happenings with the Vols, College Football and the NFL.