AOB Episode 10 – Butch “Buzz McCallister” Jones, College Football Wk. 6, NFL Wk. 5 & Meth or Donut Glaze?

This week the good boys discuss Butch Jones’ performance against the Bye week, the current situations brewing in the SEC after wk. 6 of College Football, injuries setting in on NFL season in wk. 5 and how to tell the difference between meth and donut glaze.

AOB Episode 9 – Butch Jones vs. the Bye, College Football wk. 5, NFL wk. 4

Can Butch Jones beat the Bye week with his incredible multi-tasking, flat-top powers?! Brett and Josh give you the answer as well as the latest happenings with the Vols, College Football and the NFL.

AOB Episode 8 – College Football Wk 4 (2017), NFL Wk. 3 & NBA Super Teams

This week the good boys discuss the dismal SEC week three performance in College Football (Including the Vols against UMASS….), why sports betters just cannot trust the NFL and whether or not the latest NBA Super Teams will be able to take on the Golden State Warriors.

AOB Episode 7 – Butch Jones, College Football Wk. 3 & NFL Wk. 2

Josh and Brett discuss Butch Jones’ performance against the gators and his overall performance as the Vols coach. Then the good boys touch on week 3 of College Football (2017) and week 2 of the NFL (2017).

AOB Episode 6- College Football Wk 2 & NFL Wk 1 (2017)

This week Brett and Josh analyze the Vols performance against Indiana State. The good boys also break down the week 2 of College Football, week 1 of the 2017 NFL season and Keith Urban’s powerful impact on the Nashville Predators!

All Out Blitz Episode 5 – College Football Week 1 (2017)

Brett and Josh deliver an analysis (Especially for Vol fans!) of the biggest games in week 1 of the 2017 College Football season.


All Out Blitz Episode 4 – Favorite Shows, Cops Jigging, Robert Lee (ESPN not Civil War..) & College Football Week 1


This week, Brett and Josh passionately share their favorite TV shows, check in on DC cops who would rather get Jiggy with it than investigate a burglary, go off on the ESPN Robert Lee debacle and finish off with insights on week 1 of the 2017 College Football season.



All Out Blitz Episode 3 – NFL Top 100 Fantasy, 20 Tons of Nutella & Distracted Pedestrian Law

Brett and Josh sum up the 2017 NFL fantasy season along with a take on some current news where 20 tons of Nutella suddenly disappeared and “Distracted Pedestrians” could be facing jail-time for looking at their phones while walking down the street.


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All Out Blitz Episode 2 – The Greatest Coaches & Sports Movies of All Time


This week, the good boys Brett and Joshua tackle the greatest coaches and the greatest sports movies of all time.

All Out Blitz Episode 1 – Intro & SEC Breakdown


Brett & Josh discuss the show format and dive straight into the 2017 college football season with a breakdown of each team in the SEC.